Have you ever been on a GPS tour? They can be really boring. Let’s change that.

In this workshop we explore the various possibilities that new location-aware smartphones offer. New tools make creating these experiences as easy as drawing on a map!

A screenshot of a tool we can use, called Treasuremapper.

In this workshop we will

  • Look at some examples of great location-based storytelling from around the world.
  • Touch on some relevant concepts in this field, such as branched- and hypernarratives, traditional storytelling basics, and other interesting ways of thinking about it.
  • Look at the available tools of the trade, and go hands on. We will mostly look at Broadcastr and Treasuremapper (HTML5), but you are free to use any of the other tools we will have available.
  • Develop a first actual experience! At the end of the day your fellow workshop participants will form your first playtesters as they walk through what you have created.

The workshop should both inspire you and give you the means to continue exploring this field yourself.

The workshop will be led by Tijmen Schep. Tijmen holds an MA in both Digital Media Design (HKU) and New Media and Digital Culture (UU). He is a co-founder of theNetNiet.org foundation and has worked in the field of location based digital art since 2006. He blogs at the Mobile City, is the developer behind Treasuremapper, and the artistic director of SETUP.

The workshop will be very valuable to those who already develop creative stories and experiences (artists, designers, writers, theater makers), but is also relevant to those who are involved in urban development or mapmaking.

Bring your own..

  • Please bring any smartphones and GPS devices that you have. We will also provide some smartphones.
  • Bring your laptop!
  • And ofcourse: if you have any stories you’d like to tell in an urban context, please bring them!


00:00 – Introduction to locative media and its concepts and context.
00:20 – An introduction into spatial storytelling basics
00:40 – An introduction into the available tools
1:00 – Lunch
1:30 – Let’s rock! We’ll build some basic experiences. You can work in teams if you’d like, but it’s not compulsory.
4:00 – Prepare to ‘deploy’ your experience in public space.
5:00 – Done. Go and try out each other’s experiences if you’d like, or have a drink in the sun.