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Kom Je Ook Workshop

What a wonderful time at the 7th Kom Je Ook. During the workshop we had a good atmosphere and a equally good talk together about making choices in creating locative experiences, and we looked at some of the directions this field is taking. Mostly, we looked at the 'technological change drivers', meaning we looked new technologies and new platforms that hip (Californian) companies are building with it.

A video I meantioned that I would whole-heartedly recommend is this video of Jesse Schell during the Dice conference, a conference about gaming. He talks to fellow game developers, so don't worry if you don't get what he's talking about at first, I didn't always either. The main thing is that in the end he talks about going 'beyond Facebook', and about technologies merging themselves with our daily lives even more. And how games might play a big part in this. He exaggerates a little, and in a tongue-in-cheek way, but it's still interesting to hear what ideologies are at work.

After you've watched that, have a little desert. Here's someone from SCVNGR , the mobile gaming platform, explaining that now that we have built the social layer on top of the web, it is now time to build a gaming layer on top of that. Interesting perspectives. And if you're curious about his entire list of game mechanics, you can actually find them here.

Secondly, I promised to give you a copy of our HTML5 code. I'll post a little explanation about how it works later, but it's very similar to how our previous opensource locative software worked. Basically, you have to give the webpage a map to work with, and creating that map is relatively easy: you use google's My Maps, online.


Thirdly, I didn't get around to talking about a mayor trend: checkins in more stuff than just location. Foursquare allows you to check-in to locations, basically saying “I'm here, look at me, wow”. And then you get points for that. But why stop at locations? You can also 'check in' to products, basically saying “I just bought this, look at me, wow”. Some examples are Barcode hero and Sticky Bits. The idea behind it all: people still spend much more money in real life than online. These websites create ways of getting people on the web to go and shop offline.

Keep an eye on websites like TechCrunch to explore what's on the horizon. And finally, have a look at The Hidden Park, just because it's one of my favourites. at Kom Je Ook 7 

The upcoming Kom Je ook event is about 'playing outside'. Tijmen will be speaking (gving a primer on locative media) and hosting a workshop in which we look at the vast wealth of existing websites, frameworks and systems, and also look at the direction these developments are heading in.


HTML5 Treasuremapper 

There's a new technology in town that is making everyone a little bit excited: HTML5. It allow webpages to ask the browser for any geo data it has acces to, like for instance: a GPS device. Big things are expected for mobile phones, which often feature GPS in the high-end. Such as the iPhone.

We've developed a first demo of Treasuremapper's functionality.. as a webpage. All you have to do is point your mobile browser to a website, and away you go. Exciting stuff, which we will have fun with at PicNic 2010.


Locative storytelling 

Tijmen is currently teaching Locative Storytelling at the Willem de Koning academy. We're going to try and create as immersive experiences as possible, and integrate them into physical space as much as possible (instead of just overlaying with virtual data). Check out the blog for the course to see what the students are up to.


SETUP is heavy

As we predicted would be a bit slow. Our team has mostly worked at SETUP, Utrecht's fledgling space for new media. It was a wild rocket ride, and we developed many new ideas, met loads of new people, and got to experiment with new cultural forms. Go have a look at all the events we organised and co-organised. Now we're incorporating all that we've learnt so we can take SETUP to the next level. Onwards!


V2 is calling.. 

One thing often leads to another, and we're respresenting at the V2_AR event which explores the artistic opportunities of AR.


Lecture at V2

Tijmen gave an introductory lecture at V2_ about the Hybrid City for the students participating in the Third Eye project. At the same time a class in Shanghai was listening too through a video skype connection. One of the partners in the project is The Mobile City for which Tijmen blogs.


SETUP opening 8th of April is a bit slow the coming three months: We're involved in SETUP , the experiment to define a Utrecht medialab. Go check it out and join in, after all, if you're from Utrecht, it's about you.


Android Experience 

It's going to be nerdy, and we're going to love it. We've been kindly allowed entry to the Dutch Android Experience. If anyone wants to go for a cup of tea, let us know.

Follow-up: We had a great time. The speaches were informative and passionate. Some interesting perspectives we learnt:

- Where in the world of desktop computers you choose you you computer for the software it can run ("I want a windows computer"), in the mobile world it's the other way around. You often choose a more complete package, and refer to the hardware ("I want a Samsung"). This, together with it's many visual flavours, makes it difficult for Android to create clear consumer demand for it.

- All the downloads of Layar in the app-stores is nothing compared to what being pre-installed on one phone will to their installed base.

-The future really is mobile. Many countries don't even have a wired infrastructure.


Workshop @ WDKA

We spent a day exploring artistic perspectives as well as the technological possibilities of GPS for autonomous art students at the Willem de Koning Academy. We're working on a new website in which we will also place a look back at the experiments that took place.


Transmediale is present at the Transmediale festival in Berlin. If you want to meet us there, give us a shout.


Treasuremapper 0.5.1

Treasuremapper logo 

Pecha Kucha Amsterdam #12 was the evening that we first offered Treasuremapper for download. We're still streamlining the proces, and will soon make it even easier to install (only one file), and offer the program for older Nokia's. And by older Nokia's we mean the kind you can get for free from friends.

We're also cleaning up the sourcecode now, adding some tips and other documentation. As soon as that is done we'll upload the code to a suitable collaborative coding platform.


Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha Amsterdam, here we come. On the 20th of januari we'll be presenting our work, focussing on Treasuremapper, and also hinting at the developments at Medialab Utrecht.


Treasuremapper update

The official launch of Treasuremapper, an open source software tool for creating locative media experiences, has experienced a slight delay as we were unhappy with it's slow GPS performance. The software is now a lot faster (thanks to threading), and runs great! It should be downloadable at the start of 2010.

In the meantime both students from the WDKA and HvA schools have been experimenting with it, leading to interesting as well as hilarious results. One example is this ode to a railway.


Future of the Lab @ Baltan

Levien is currently at the The Future of the Lab which is held at Baltan Laboratories. He is there as a representative of the Medialab Utrecht consortium.


Nieuwe Grond

If you're at the Nieuwe Grond artist conference, you'll find us there exploring the area around Utrecht Central Station. Groups of artists are developing different new visions on parts of Utrecht in relation to Utrecht's pitch to become Cultural Capital of Europe in 2018.


Teaching at the HvA

Starting November 10th Tijmen is teaching three classes of third year students at the HvA about Pervasive, mobile and Ubiquitous computing. They will experiment with transforming spaces in true style, using of-the-shelf technologies to create future-concept solutions.


Finishing the first term at the WDKA

Tijmen's students at the WDKA have just finished their first term about Gaming. They created four game prototypes or demo's, all totally in a different direction: A classic arcade style music game with custom controllers, A Buzz-style music quiz, A touch-screen creature creator and politically oriented boardgame.

Next term: Locative media. We will work together with Rotterdam based music and culture festivalMotel Mozaique to create experiences for the festival.


Workshop @ Young Architect Day

On November 7th in collaboration with Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (Virtueel Platform) will organize a hybrid city workshop consisting of a tour through Rotterdam. The workshop is part of the 'Young Architect Day' organized by BNA and NAI and is held within the context of the Open City Event Program of the 4th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR). The tour aims to give architects insights into the possibilities of new wireless technologies. 


Sentient City workshop @ IABR 

On November 6 Lotte and Levien will attend the 'Sentient Rotterdam Workshop' with Mark Shepard and The Mobile City at the International Architectural Biennale Rotterdam. During the workshop we will develop a scenario, a product, an intervention or a process that is based on 'sentient technolology'.

Turn*on! Artivistic

Sexuality and New Media, always a fascinating blend. Tijmen will probably run the porn version of the Bluetooth Photobank at Artivistic, which starts on the 15th of october.


RFID Hackerscamp 09

Tijmen is currently at Mediamatic attending the RFID Hackerscamp 09. If you're at picnic, you might see gnomes, we're not sure yet..



Speaking at HAR2009

If you're attending HAR, and let's face it, all the cool kids are, come see Tijmen give a lecture on the future of Ubiquitous Computing. The lecture is designed to make you question a basic axiom of the technological era: can we model reality to such an extent that we may automate large parts of our daily toils?


Summer BBQ fun

Yesterday the Utrecht Medialab people, which includes us, organised an informal BBQ in the Wilhelminapark for the e-culture/new media sector. Although the turnout wasn't as high as we expected, we had a great time, switching between deep discussions and general fooling about, getting to know each other. And yes, that's a brightly coloured medialab in the background.

Since we all enjoyed it so much, the next BBQ is on september 3rd. Mark your agendas, and see you there!

BBQ overview





UNMA #2 rocked

A great turnout, around 60 people, came to the second Utrecht New Media Night. We discussed a lot of relevant issues, and it's clear there's great support for getting together and kicking the proverbial ass.

Utrecht Nieuwe Media Avond 2


New Media in LucasX #3 (2009)

The latest edition of LucasX, the magazine about the broader Utrecht cultural scene, focusses on new media. For this reason Levien Nordeman and Tijmen Schep both wrote an article about new media.

Levien wrote about Web 2.0 and the cultural scene in Utrecht, whereas Tijmen wrote about the need to stimulare Utrecht's e-culture scene. They also wrote one article together about new media art in general, pointing out some good works.

Keep an eye out for the follow-up in the next edition, in which we look back at the last UNMA event.


Workshop @ Mediamatic

At the end of August Tijmen, together with Mediamatic's Arjan Scherpenisse, will host the Social RFID hackercamp 09-01 at Mediamatic.


Utrecht New Media evening #2

On Juli 15th Impakt, z25 and organise the second evening about the Utrecht New Media scene, called "Utrecht Nieuwe Media Avond" (Utrecht New Media Evening). We will discuss the existing plans in Utrech, including ours, and think about what Utrecht needs in order to galvanise its E-culture scene. We will also discuss our own plans for a New Media Lab.


Video from Mostoles

Carla, one of the workshop participants om our recent workshop in Madrid, put together a rockin' video about the workshop we did. Thanks!


Blogging @ Nimk

We will be guest blogging at the Media Art Platform about all Treasuremapper related happenenings.


Experimenting with Treasuremapper @ WDKA

The Crosslab recently invited me to give a two-day workshop at the Willem de Koning Academie about Locative Media. Not only did we talk and work on their projects, but we also found some time to experiment with Treasuremapper. In half an hour(!) the students had made little games/walks in the vicinity of the academy. Playing them was great fun, expecially the locative text-based adventure: walking around, trying to avoid electrified tramstops, ninja's and evil armies, with the path finally leading up to the top of the Rotterdam Library where the quest came to an end. Because of the limited time, this group stuck to text and sound effects, which worked surprisingly well.

Having fun with Treasuremapper

the end of the game

Treasuremapper @ Re:visie

We presented Treasuremapper and talked about the state of locative media during the last re:visie lab, organised by the Dutch Film Festival . After the talk we tested out the software in the sunny center of Utrecht.


Honourable mention at NIMK's Think Ahead event

Hurray! We got second/third prize at Think Ahead (organised by the Netherlands Institute for Media Art ) when we presented our Treasuremapper plans. The jury will keep there eye on us.


Treasuremapper goes Alpha!

Some of you might have heard, we had a surprise coming up. The surprise is called "Treasuremapper", and it's the first version of an application we're building for mobile phones that allows the triggering of media depending on geographic location. Which means your phone can show different pictures, sounds or video depending on where you are.

We started building it because we had such a hard time finding anything that could do something as basic as this, and do it in an easy way that works on a lot of phones.

A first glimpse was given at the Rencontres Internationales festival where it was available during our workshop. The next time it'll be out in the open will be at Re:visie lab.

More can be found at the temporary and very much under construction) Treasuremapper website.


a picture from one of our first tests


Locative Workshop at Rencontres Internationales in Madrid

If you're at the festival, drop us a line. Esther Polak and Tijmen Schep are giving a GeoTales workshop based on the one we did in Brussels. More info here.


Working on something good

We're working on something useful, which will be presented at the next Re:visie lab (an event of the Netherlands Film Festival that explores other modes of storytelling besides video). More to follow... it's a secret for now.


Locative Workshop at the Imal

Tijmen Schep and Esther Polak gave a week-long workshop on locative storytelling in Brussels. The results were great!


Social Entrepeneurship

Cindy is reading up for her upcoming thesis. It looks like we'll have a specialist in Social Entrepreneurship in our midst, and how that could affect the media sector. She's also enjoying her internship at Philips Lighting.



Tijmen has joined wireless artist Esther Polak's team. Together they will travel to Africa from the 30th of december till the 22nd of january for the Nomadic Milk project. After that it's straight on to Berlin again for the Transmediale. Before that Tijmen will help out with the Any Media workshop at Mediamatic, and after he can be found in Brussels helping Esther in running her IMAL workshop.


Speaking and workshopping

NetNiet spoke at a number of events, and installed a number of installations in the last few months. Amongst others we were at the Berlin Pornfilmfestival, at the Shift conference, and the Amsterdam museumnight (at Arcam).

Tijmen Schep speaking at the Shift Conference in Portugal

Tijmen Schep speaking on Locative Media at the Arcam museumnight in Amsterdam



Summer developments

We just installed Citizen Journalism at the ZXZW festival. Next stop: Tijmen will be speaking on the follies of Ubiquitous Computing at the Shift conference, titled "When nerds dream big".

Tijmen also just graduated "met veel genoegen" and now has an MA in New Media and Digital Culture.

Cindy finished her internship at and will continue to lift weight there too.

Two pictures from Citizen Journalism:

The main screen of the installation

Collected pictures were pasted outside, ready to be drawn on


Summer projects 08

Despite the holidays we've been keeping busy. We're in contact with the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam, The Urbanscreens Conference 08 in Melbourne, and the Shift Conference in Lisbon.

First up though, you can find a brand new installation at the ZXZW festival in Tilburg.


Playing Cruel to be kind

The team got seriously beat at playing Cruel to be Kind in the center of Utrecht tonight. Using mobile phones participants coordinated their arrival and their victories with the 'gamemaster', which then was able to signal the end of the game. It was all over in 45 minutes, but during that time the experience of wondering who was in the game and who wasn't was great fun.

cruel to be kind

cruel to be kind 2


"Gifted" rocked

Het stond er zowaar. Honderden bezoekers met buttons, druk in de weer met hun mobiele telefoons en de opdrachten die ze uit moesten voeren (en de cadeaus die ze kregen). We zijn erg in ons nopjes met de veelvuldige interactie en de positieve respons. Op deze pagina is een terugblik te vinden.

Gifted 1

gifted 2

gifted 3


"Gifted" op Impakt 2008

De kogel is door de kerk: bouwt voor Impakt een nieuwe installatie genaamd "Gifted". Wat is jouw populariteit waard? meets Impakt

We zijn op het moment in gesprek met Impakt over de mogelijke totstandbrenging van een nieuwe installatie tijdens hun komende festival, dat begint op 7 mei 2008.

Impakt Festival

BelBellen is gerealiseerd

BelBellen, oorspronkelijk gepland voor ons eigen festival van 2007, is getoond op het Cinekid Festival dat van 14-21 oktober 2007 in Amsterdam plaatsvond. Het is uiteindelijk niet onder de vlag van uitgevoerd, maar werd een co-productie van Pineapplejazz Design en Levien Nordeman. Er zijn hier enkele fotos. 2007 is afgelast

Wegens een gebrek aan subsidie blijkt het niet mogelijk om het festival te organiseren in een vorm waar we achter kunnen staan. Dit is echt heel jammer want we barsten van de plannen. zoekt

Voor het festival zijn we op zoek naar sprekers, curatoren, kunstemakers (vooral rondom audio) en vooral vrijwilligers. Neem contact met ons op als je het leuk lijkt om mee te doen! Zoekt... Draadloos Festival

Hoera, Draadloos festival 2007 komt eraan!

Na het succes van 2006 wordt er ook deze zomer weer een gratis Draadloos Festival georganiseerd. Nieuwe avonturen staan de argeloze stadsbewandelaar te wachten. En dit jaar doen we het niet alleen. In samenwerking met andere creatieven zullen we wederom het historisch centrum van Utrecht veranderen in een spel van media en locatie.

Naast een aantal verspreide installaties kun je workshops, lezingen en presentaties rondom draadloze media en hun relatie met de stad volgen.

Dit jaar is ook de eerste keer dat het festival een prijs uitreikt, en wel voor de mooiste draadloos internet hotspot namen.

Draadloos, low budget en natuurlijk geldt ook dit jaar weer “bring your own devices”!

We hopen je tussen 1 en 9 september te zien in Utrecht!

The foundation

The foundation, founded in 2006, promotes wireless media art in public space.



Stichting, opgericht in 2006, promoot draadloze mediakunst in de publieke ruimte. initieert en ontwikkelt projecten, installaties en organiseert kleinschalige evenementen en workshops die gericht zijn op  bewustwording  van de mogelijkheden van draadloze media. Waar mogelijk werkt samen met andere (kunst)instellingen.

B.Y.O.W.D. supports:

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