Shenzen Shanzai

Shenzen Shanzai

Traveling ethnographer David Kousemaker recently updated me about his travels. He had just returned from the Far East with a brand new iPhone.. or so it seemed. It was a fake, but an incredibly good fake. I highly recommend a wonderful blogpost that describes his amazement at the work-shops he found there. He describes what he considers to...


It’s always fun to discover others who are thinking the same thing. Here, the makers of Wanderlust, a new location-based storytelling tool, explain issues and chances they see for mobile storytelling that remind me of a blogpost I wrote for The Mobile City a while ago.


“Zoals” is the name of a ‘poetry app’ built by Ingrid Goovers and Maichiel Veltkamp. It’s a visual experience that uses the phone as a virtuel window onto a abstract reality which is itself based on a poem by Judith Hertzberg. More at:

Duncan Speakman

Sometimes you find people who have perfect last names. Duncan is one of these people, as all his works are locative sounds pieces. Some use GPS, but he has also created a wicked phone-based work called “we are forests” together with Amsterdam based cultural geek Arjan Scherpenisse. Check out Duncan’s works.  


An interesting Dutch startup that allows you to “drop digital artefacts (mediafiles) in the real world”: Repudo.

Augmented Reality Cinema

Now this looks interesting: Augmented Reality Cinema. When I tought a course on Locative Storytelling at the WDKA, the students were asked to bring an existing story to life, preferably around a movie. This project would have been a great example to show the students as inspiration.

Working on this new website

We’re working on this new website that is better able to show our current practices. You can still visit our previous website.


Something about Layar continues to spark inspiration in others. Here’s a researcher at the University of Amsterdam, Frank Nack, who is trying to build a grafiti system on top of it. Http:// is a new Dutch initiative that allows you to create locative soundscapes. It’s focus is on euducational use.

We’re hosting a workshop on mobile storytelling

Do you want to develop your own locative story or experience? Come you us during our workshop at SETUP in Utrecht on the 10th of July. We’ll be looking at some theory and some examples, but mostly we’ll go hands on with state of the art web-based tools to create some basic experiences right there...

Ghost Garden by Champagne Valentine

We only just discovered this project which has been developed in Amsterdam. The interface tries to get away from the utilitarian map interface. Exactly what we like to see.

Found wireless art

This is near The Kaag, a lake in the west of Holland. Passers-by ring a phonenumber to be treated to a story about the location. The exact location can be found on this map.   Near cafe “De Vergulde Vos” in Rijpwetering