Ogmento is a very interesting iPhone game. Combining Augmented Reality with locative and pervasive gaming elements, Ogmento looks to be, technically at least, at the forefont of what’s possible.


Named after the Aboriginal culture of creating songs for specific walks, songline is a tool that comes close to the tool I’m looking for. The project could really use some love from a user interface designer to make it more useable and sexy though. It’s even hard to just read the menu.


In Holland there is a new system that standardises all addresses. It’s called the BAG. It’s a problem that is very similar to the problems that location based services like Facebook and Foursquare have: they are all independantly creating a database of places in the world. Restaurants, homes, workplaces.. any place where we check in...


“Zoals” is the name of a ‘poetry app’ built by Ingrid Goovers and Maichiel Veltkamp. It’s a visual experience that uses the phone as a virtuel window onto a abstract reality which is itself based on a poem by Judith Hertzberg. More at:


Something about Layar continues to spark inspiration in others. Here’s a researcher at the University of Amsterdam, Frank Nack, who is trying to build a grafiti system on top of it. Http:// is a new Dutch initiative that allows you to create locative soundscapes. It’s focus is on euducational use.

Ghost Garden by Champagne Valentine

We only just discovered this project which has been developed in Amsterdam. The interface tries to get away from the utilitarian map interface. Exactly what we like to see.