The foundation promotes wireless media art in public space. Currently the foundation does her work by advising artists, hosting lectures and workshops, sharing software, and on occasion creating interactive installations.

Current members of the foundation are:

  • Tijmen Schep
  • Levien Nordeman
  • Lotte Meijer

Founding members were Tijmen Schep, Cindy van Rooijen and Renee van der Nat.

Early in 2006 the founders of the Foundation got together with the intent of organising an exhibition about that took place in the streets instead on on the internet.  Our name refers to this idea that this was “not about the net”, but that we wanted to look at the cultural implications of merging of technology and physical, public space. The idea soon grew into the Wireless Festival 2006. After the festival we kept exploring.

The foundation has never received direct cultural funding. Instead, we work for and with other institutions. Fort example, we often give lectures, or re-install our projects for a small fee. The money we make flows back into our projects and the services we offer.