Picture by Mar-Ina Uhrig

Tijmen Schep at the 7th Kom Je Ook symposium, picture by Mar-Ina Uhrig

The members of NetNiet.org are a diverse bunch: programmers, organisers, theorists. This has allowed us to create lectures and workshops that offer a clear overview of developments, while simultaneously enabling us to advise on real-world problems.

Locative Media
One of the most interesting areas we work in, is the field of locative media and location based services. For ten years now this field has slowly evolved to allow more and more expressive practices. At the same time the threshold to developing these experiences is constantly lowering, as easy to use tools emerge.

We have given 5-minute lectures on this subject (like this lightning workshop-teaser at the 7thKom Je Ook symposium, pictured above), and we have tought entire semesters on the subject. And of course everything in between, at places such as the University of Utrecht, HvA, various symposia, and as an introduction to many of our workshops on locative storytelling.

Hosting a lecture
If you are interested in hosting us, feel free to contact use here. All the money we make from sharing our knowledge is fed back into NetNiet.org to continue developing our work and to continue supporting this emerging field.