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Bluetooth Fotobank

The bluetooth photobank consists of a screen in public space that visitors can post the pictures from their mobile phones to. The screen then displays the picture they just sent for a while, before reverting back to randomly displaying all the pictures it has gathered before. This creates a public gallery that reflects the lives of the passersby.


The concept

The idea behind the photobank was originally that people could share their perceptions of public space with one another. Often times the photobank collects much more than that, showing pieces of people's private lives on screens for all to see. Instead of being a reflection on the perception on public space, it becomes a reflection on people's willingness to share with one another.


..and then there's this

If you do send pictures to the screen, be aware that we take this as permission to use your pictures, for instance to promote our festival.

Bluetooth Fotobank

pictures collected by the photobank in 2006
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