In September 2006 we organised our first and perhaps biggest project: a “Wireless Festival” in the center of Utrecht which explored the merging of mobile communication and city life. The festival lasted a full two weeks. The original festival website is still online, and hosts more pictures. Another visual overview can be found here.

During the festival visitors could explore projects such as the NotSpots, Bluetooth Photobanks, Voicemail Stories and go Geo-caching. Most projects literally explored the boundary between public and private space, as most of our installations were installed behind the windows of  shops and houses in the center of Utrecht, or could be found in the many semi-public gardens of Utrecht’s medieval center.

We also organised a number of workshops. One invited participants to solder a radio transmitter as part of the Broadcast Your Podcast project, while soaking up sun on the side of a canal. Two other workshop were based around our Voicemail Stories project, and took participants on a walking poetry class with poet Herman Kasper Gilissen or rapper Tifèn Huchet.

We also organised a symposium where an eclectic group of young thinkers and creators gave us their view on city technology. Patrick Plaggenborg gave us his vision on upcoming RFID technology from an artistic viewpoint. Jos Ariens and Roland Burggraaf presented the HKU’s iPack project, which created city narratives using GPS-enabled iPaq computers. Jorrit Hoekstra lectured on the rise of mobile ecosystems in Japan. Arnaud Hulskamp gave a presentation on Demor, a system for the blind to experience space through 3D sound and GPS technology. Finally, Erik Groen presented his 4D Mouse artwork, which consisted of a radiographically controlled mousepointer that uses the city as a desktop.

We are extremely grateful to all who participated, including the visitors who brought in so much of the content for the installations. We are also of course much obliged to our sponsors: ICT service company OGD and notary Koch & Compaijen. Thank you!