In 2006, creating locative media was a daunting task usually involving complex and expensive iPaq computers. For the Wireless Festival we thought up an alternative cheap and accessible solution that allowed us to create some of the functionality of locative media for just a few euros.

How it works
Voicemail stories consisted of 10 different phonenumbers that we pasted up on walls or placed behind windows in the center of Utrecht. If you rang one of those numbers on the first day of the festival, you would hear a poem as a voicemail message. The poems were written by various Dutch poets, and were related to the specific location where you spotted the phonenumber.

After enjoying the poem, we encouraged visitors to leave a creative reply after the beep. Every night we checked all the voicemailboxes, recorded the responses to computer, and set each location’s coolest reply as the new voicemail welcoming message, replacing the original poem. The next day people could listen to the response, and respond to it in turn, and so on. This proces continued like this for two weeks, creating a chain of reactions.

In essence, we created conversations at certain location that were highly accessible: everyone with a phone could participate.